A lot of people say they love to travel. But, I REALLY l love to travel with every ounce of my soul. I feel most alive when I am out of my comfort zone. I mean, I would rather starve than not get to travel and every year since I have been financially able (which usually means I have to starve) I have traveled domestically or internationally as far as I can dream.

So, since graduating college I have traversed through the Sedona mountains in a pink jeep, steam engined my way through the Redwoods, climbed 700  steps to a mountaintop Thai temple made entirely out of gold, went Down Under, fished conch from the Caribbean ocean, prayed to the Macchu Picchu spirits to keep me alive, walked an underground tunnel of a thousand of bones, seen the Mona Lisa with my own eyes, experienced the grandeur of St. Peter’s Basilica, climbed the ancient Roman ruins, bathed topless on the French Riviera, accidentally swam with tiger sharks in the Andaman Sea, stepped into Anne Frank’s shoes, witnessed my first pair of tattooed shorts on a naked Spanish man, felt the spirit of Shakespeare and well you get the idea.

My ultimate dream job is to host my own travel series where I get to traverse the world for new adventures. But, until then I’ll just have to settle on  traveling on my own, capturing stories and images and sharing them with you here.

Where I’ve Been Map

North America

  • US
  • Canada
    • Ontario
  • Mexico
    • Puerto Vallarta
  • Bahamas
    • Freeport, Grand Bahama Island

Central America

South America

  • Peru
    • Lima
    • Puno
    • Cusco
    • Aguas Calientes
    • Macchu Picchu


  • Great Britain
    • London
  • France
    • Paris
    • Nice
  • Netherlands
    • Amsterdam
  • Spain
    • Barcelona
    • Seville
  • Monaco
  • Italy
    • Venice
    • Verona
    • Milan
    • Como
    • Cinque Terre
    • Florence
    • Siena
    • Rome
    • Naples
    • Pompei
    • Sorrento
    • Amalfi
    • Ravello
  • Germany
    • Munich
    • Oberammergau
    • Berlin
  • Czech Republic
    • Prague
  • Austria
    • Salzburg
  • Turkey
    • Istanbul
  • Portugal
    • Lisbon
    • Faro


  • Thailand
    • Bangkok
    • Chiang Mai
    • Krabi
    • Nakhorn Pathom
    • Kanchanaburi
    • Rayong
    • Pattaya
    • Hua Hin


  • New South Wales
    • Sydney


  • Morocco
    • Marrakech
    • Essaouira

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