What can I say about food?

Well, I’m not any different from most people.  I like food.  Anything from $2 street tacos to $50 culinary masterpiece entrees.  I don’t discriminate.

Though, like my life my food journey has also been on its own adventures.  I was homegrown on Kraft and General Mills which resulted in a grocery store shelves processed byproduct who turned into a rebel without a cause teen vegetarian who then reverted back to her ancestor’s Paleo roots bingeing on animal meats which then concluded in extreme measures with a part-time 21-days out of every month vegan diet.

Okay, so maybe I’m slightly a little different from most people in that sense.  But, whatever the diet,  I can always find a way to figure what I can heart best and document it with photos along the way=)

I’m not a food blogger per se, but I do like to eat, take pictures of my food and write.

So, I thought why not. And here are some of my favorite food experiences.

Bon appetit!


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