Project 365: Day 113 “The Color Run”

Color! Based off of the Hindu Holi festival, The Color Run is not your traditional 5K. It is less of a run and more of a color celebration.

Runners are mandated to wear white to the race. A white t-shirt and headband are provided with registration. Gathering at the start line it’s like a sea of dentists. Bullhorn goes off and we hit the pavement running in search of spoiling the white effect as quickly as possible.

We run in search of the color stations dotting the course map. Each color station is manned by volunteer color throwers who generously throw highly-pigmented powder at you as you cross their path.

By the time you cross the finish line you are covered head-to-toe in color.

It is one of the most fun and random things that I’ve done and would definitely do it again and highly recommend it. It just made me smile from ear to ear even it meant I’d have color in my teeth afterwards.


Project 365: Day 112 “Farmer’s Market Cooking Class”

A cooking class with just 9 other people, a chef with a bundle of fresh goodies from the local Farmer’s market and 6 recipes for delicious dishes.

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my Saturday afternoon. The 3-hour class was hands-on and fun. The recipes were delicious and amazing. We made pollo al Mattone, olive oil and polenta citrus cake, spinach artichoke bleu cheese salad, blood orange and fennel risotto, roasted heirloom potatoes and fava bean lettuce cups.

Highly recommend the class. Small, intimate group, delicious recipes and a fun way to meet new people.

Project 365: Day 111 “Sweet Rewards”


Best thing about a long week is you don’t feel guilty about splurging on a nice meal complete with a delectable dessert to top it off.

A fellow coworker and I decided to treat ourselves to a nice end of work week dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant, Kanpai. Work has been rough lately and it’s the little things that are keeping me going. I haven’t had a lot of time to do much else. Even my posts have taken a backseat and I am now retroactively backdating my 365 project.

We decided to top off the already decadent meal with dessert so we ordered the banana tempura with ice-cream. Delish!

Project 365: Day 110 “Mike and Ike’s Will be the Death of Me”

I have a problem. And it’s in the office kitchen. And I can’t stop eating them. Mike and Ike’s will be the death of me. I don’t even know where the obsession comes from. But, I can eat cups of these before even realizing that I just subconsciously walked to the kitchen, poured myself a cup and absent-mindedly downed the whole thing. Sick. I know. It’s a bad habit I’m trying to kick.

Project 365: Day 109 “Play Me, I’m Yours Street Pianos”


“Play Me, I’m Yours” is an artwork by British artist Luke Jerram that has been touring since 2008. Simple concept: place pianos in public places that display the message of “Play Me, I’m Yours” and see what happens.

So for 3 weeks from
April 12-May 3 the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra brings the traveling artwork to the streets of LA. Thirty pianos decorated by local artists and community organizations were scattered around town for the public to find and play.

Love this idea.

Play Me, I’m Yours.

Project 365: Day 108 “KTG Makeup Tutorial”


Every meeting of our Kitchen Table Group has a theme. The host gets to decide on the theme and tonight the theme was makeup tutorial night.

So we had a makeup artist come over and teach us a few tricks of the trade and then followed up with a photo session to boot since it was a school night and we couldn’t really go paint town red.

Overall, realized that besides a little powder, concealer and eyeliner, I’m not much of a makeup person. But, I did see the difference that could be made. It’s like painting on canvas.

Project 365: Day 107 “Facial Scans”


My coworker sent out a cordial invitation for a free facial photo scan at Murad which was followed by a recommended regimen program as part of a beta study they were rolling out.

As wiling participants, we were scanned by a high-tech photo machine that captured the amount of pores, wrinkles and damage on our face. Then a personalized recommendation was spit out that contained a list of 9 products to use in the AM and PM.

We were then instructed to use the products in order of numbered steps. Then in 30 days we would be schedule to come back for our followup photo scan to gauge and capture improvements.

Now, initially one of my New Year’s resolutions for 2012 was to simplify my life, which also included my beauty routine. This program goes against all of that. Nine products in one day. That’s a lot. But, the $400 worth of products were complimentary and I was actually curious of the experimental outcome from a scientific perspective.

So, here I am faithfully applying gels and creams morning and night hoping to see a difference.

I’m a living, breathing science experiment.

Project 365: Day 106 “Sunday Brunch with the ‘Rents”

My parents have a standing weekend ritual. They go have breakfast together at the local Thai restaurant near their house every Sunday where they order the sunrise special that consists of rice porridge, Thai coffee and crullers served with pandan pudding.

One morning, I happened to be down at their house and decided to join them. I realized that in these tiny slivers I was getting to know my parents as real people and not necessarily as parents. I overheard their hopes, their fears, their gossips, their gripes.

So, I started joining them randomly when I could to make up for lost time.

Project 365: Day 105 “Lady Luck”

Luck was in the air for my mom when she hit the second jackpot on the nickel slots and won $3000-something dollars. I’m not a huge gambler but after a long, hard week I needed some mind-numbing activity and I tagged along with my mom and dad to Morongo casino.

Recently, I’ve been having a lot of deep thoughts about life and the fragility of it and it made me want to spend as much time as possible with my parents. I know daily life sometimes gets the best of us but before we know it a week, then month, then year passes by and goes all that precious time you could have spent with the people you love.

Best Saturday night I’ve had in awhile. I love my mom and dad.