About Me

Life is about making each day stand out from the day before no matter which way the wind blows.

It’s about not knowing where tomorrow will take us but to live each day making connections, experiencing new sights, sounds, tastes, and learning and sharing with those around you.

Life isn’t about being serious all the time, collecting material things, or never deterring from the path.

It’s the little moments that make up life.

I believe everyone has a unique story to tell and I wanted to share mine with you. My goal is to live the best life possible in the short time that we have here. What does that mean exactly? To me, it means waking up smiling because I get to see another day. It means finding the smallest things that make me happy. It means letting go of the past and of things I cannot control. It means sharing my love and enthusiasm with those around me. It means understanding that it’s okay to be afraid but also knowing that I can overcome it. It means I’m always on a search for adventure to tantalize my senses. Care to join me?

After suffering through debilitating symptoms, I was ultimately diagnosed with lupus in April 2010 when the symptoms became so unbearable that I knew I couldn’t be in denial any longer.  Something was wrong and I had to face it even if it meant recognizing my own mortality.

Suffice to say, it has been quite the hectic journey that included chemotherapy, anemia, joint pain, vision loss, muscle aches, hyperthyroidism, pulmonary function tests, loss of appetite, lymph node biopsy, extreme weight loss/weight gain, pleurisy, echocardiograms, voice loss, extreme fatigue, migraines, swollen lymph nodes, GERD, arthritis, cancer scare, brain fog, pneumonia, steroids, hair loss, calcinosis, Raynaud’s, needles in the eye, ovarian shutdown, lung sclerosis, immuno-suppressants, and weekly blood tests to say the least. Not to mention all the fun secondary anxiety and depression stuff that accompanies being diagnosed with life-altering illnesses.

It is only now that I can look back with reflective ponderance: LIFE IS TO NOT BE TAKEN FOR GRANTED. And I’m not just saying that to sound like a Hallmark card. I really mean it.

In December 2010 I had my last dose of chemotherapy. I was miserable. I felt weak and nauseous 2 weeks out of every month while on the 6-month chemo treatment. I would barely recuperate then it was again time for the next session. I knew that I needed to do something drastic in order to help my body heal itself so that I wouldn’t have to depend on chemo to keep my body in check.

In January 2011, I decided to take back control of my body, mind and spirit.

In January 2012, I celebrated my one-year anniversary being in remission and symptom-free. I am embracing living a healthy lifestyle and will talk your ear off about it if given the chance!

It’s January 2013 and yay for a second year in remission! 

I am alive, fully embrace this complicated thing called life and I really want to share with you some of my favorite things. Well, once you get past the crazy, medical stuff and all;)

All that aside, my inherent love of consonants and vowels stems from having a super long birth name and I learned as a young kindergartner to make letters come together quickly so that I could join the other kids who were already at recess. I take pictures of my food before I eat it, start five different books at the same time, obsess over farmer’s markets, own 62 pairs of shoes yet wears a pair of $7.99 drugstore flip flops every day and firmly believe in collective buying power.

Please excuse the backdating as I will be posting the lupus accounts in retrospect to unravel to present day bit by bit beginning from April 2010.

I would love to hear any comments, questions, feedback you may have.

Thanks for reading!





10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. John Casey says:

    Hello Isabella!

    On behalf of the cast and crew, many thanks for your heartfelt post about “Love Simple” at Audrey Magazine. We very much appreciate your help in helping us spread the word about the film and our efforts to raise awareness about and funds for lupus research.

    Stay well and happy!
    John Casey
    “Love Simple”

    • izziebleu says:

      Awwww, thank you Lisa! You are pretty awesome yourself. Now, a little birdie told me that you might be moving to LA?! Hope so!

    • izziebleu says:

      OMG. Thank you so much for bestowing on me such a great honor. I am truly touched. You are such a sweetheart with all your words of encouragement. And knowing you read actually helps keep me in line. I wish to be more like you with the interactions. Since that is why I started the project in the first place. I feel like we would be
      good friends in person. We have similar outlooks on life:) Thank you again. You are such a sweet soul!

  2. onelifethislife says:

    Hi Isabella! I’m glad to hear you’re doing well in this new year. I have enjoyed your posts over the years and was wondering if you’re going to continue your blog. Your healthy habits have rubbed off on me! 🙂 I began juicing and eating much better thanks to you!

    Best wishes to you!

    • izziebleu says:

      If I didn’t believe that coincidences are not really coincidences but stars aligning and things falling into place to get you where you need to be, I surely do now. I was just thinking that the past couple of days I needed to revisit my blog and get back into writing and sharing. I missed doing so. I was in fact just talking to a friend about it at lunch today and lo and behold here is your message awaiting me. The last swift kick in the butt to get back to it! Thank you for being a loyal reader over the years and I’m glad I could rub off some good habits=) And thank you for inspiring me to make my return to the blogosphere! New blog post coming to an inbox near you! Thank you!!!

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