Extract Juice Bar’s Raw Foods Cleanse


Ever since my big lupus flare/diagnosis in 2010, you could say that I have learned to be more in tuned with my body. At the time, my body was screaming bloody murder and I didn’t hear a peep. Now, my body sighs and you can bet it registers loud and clear.

I turned to juicing and a vegan diet because of Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Diet book to immerse my body in green goodness nutrients. I began juicing my own juice regularly. Then when things began stabilizing over the past few years and I started to get lazy about juicing and my eating habits. I was out and about and “too busy” living life to juice and eat healthy.

I know. I know. My terrible eating habits and lack of respect for my body was probably what contributed to my flare in the first place.

And yes, eventually, I started to feel run down and sluggish. So, my happy medium now is doing a full juice cleanse every 3 months or so while also still regularly consuming fresh store-bought juices like Robek’s at least a few times a week. Love their Evergreen juice!

So, a few months ago there was a Groupon for a 4-day raw foods juice cleanse from Extract Juice Bar. I decided to try it since all I had to do was go pick up the juices in Santa Monica. The hard part was already done.

Extract Juice Bar’s storefront is in Newport Beach but they deliver twice a week to the Santa Monica workspace. You pick up twice a week for two days at a time. The juice bottles are numbered 1-5 and labeled by color. And you get one raw foods snack pack. You can download their cleanse packet on their site with the instructions on what to consume when.


This is a closeup of The Countdown + 1, is a blend of cucumber, watermelon, kale, celery and whole cranberries.

Overall, there was a nice mix of fruits and greens. I liked the focus on incorporating fun ingredients like scotch bonnet peppers, watermelon, whole cranberries and mango creating fun liquid meals as an easy way to ingest a variety of fresh produce in one gulp.

With the Trail Blazer Blend snack pack of almonds, dates, peanuts, cashews, raisins, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and oats as a snack to quiet the munching of the tummy, I felt relatively full for the most part.

The hard part was the temptation of the junk food in my office kitchen.

After 4-days, I kicked my sugar addiction, reset my palate to crave fruits and veggies, regulated my sleep cycle and restored my energy. So, whenever I’m feeling a tad rundown I gravitate towards green juice.

Extract Juice Bar
3305 Newport Blvd.
Newport Beach, CA 92663


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