Project 365: Day 113 “The Color Run”

Color! Based off of the Hindu Holi festival, The Color Run is not your traditional 5K. It is less of a run and more of a color celebration.

Runners are mandated to wear white to the race. A white t-shirt and headband are provided with registration. Gathering at the start line it’s like a sea of dentists. Bullhorn goes off and we hit the pavement running in search of spoiling the white effect as quickly as possible.

We run in search of the color stations dotting the course map. Each color station is manned by volunteer color throwers who generously throw highly-pigmented powder at you as you cross their path.

By the time you cross the finish line you are covered head-to-toe in color.

It is one of the most fun and random things that I’ve done and would definitely do it again and highly recommend it. It just made me smile from ear to ear even it meant I’d have color in my teeth afterwards.


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