Project 365: Day 93 “Trader Joe’s Makeshift Culinary Concoctions”


Trader Joe’s is my saving grace. If it weren’t for TJ’s I’d eat out every day for every meal. In theory, I love to cook. I just think sometimes the ROI doesn’t yield anywhere close to the input when it comes to time and effort. I can eat healthier and sometimes cheaper eating out than cooking for one.

But TJ’s cuts out some of the T&E making it more cost efficient, if time was measured as currency.

Take my Monday lunch for example, pre-made, no-bake spinach pizza. I added some smoked salmon, cut up a tomato and red onion and in 5 minutes had myself a makeshift culinary concoction. Delicious and beautiful.

For breakfast, I blended some frozen fruit, a banana, spinach, kale and almond milk with a dash of flaxseed and had myself a large Jamba-esque smoothie.

I heart TJ’s.


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