Project 365: Day 90 “Thailand Trip Souvenirs”


My parents just got back from a month-long trip traveling around Thailand. And they brought back goodies for me! I had asked for a couple bottles of my latest beauty obsession, Parisut Organic Coconut Oil. I was running low on my only bottle that they had brought back a year ago. I had made it stretch. Barely.

So, this time they brought me back 3 bottles! This should comfortably last me 2 years. In an effort to simplify my life and rid extraneous chemicals as much as possible, I started to use coconut oil as my main source of moisturizer and have also begun to cook with it as well.

They also brought back my favorite chewy tamarind candy, which I can’t seem to find anywhere in the states anymore. Four little containers of it of my very own. My parents know me so well.

Then my Dad bought my sister and I matching skirt purses handmade by local villagers in Chiang Mai and said that all my friends would be jealous. Too cute.

Glad to have the ‘rents back in town. I missed them while they were gone.


One thought on “Project 365: Day 90 “Thailand Trip Souvenirs”

  1. Pattaya says:

    I also bought the delicious tamarind candy and it made my Thai travel more fantastic!:) By the way, did your parents bought the organic coconut oil in Bangkok too? I can’t wait to visit Thailand again!:)

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