Project 365: Day 89 “Luck be a Lady”


Yes, I bought into the frenzy. Mega Millions was up to $540 million. Someone started a pool at work and created a spreadsheet and broke down by percentage how much we would each take home if we won. Then the daydreams began.

Then, my brother wanted to do a sibling pool. I had heard about this liquor store called Bluebird in Hawthorne who has had many jackpot winners. It was down the street from my office so i thought what the heck right? When I got there the line was around the corner. I started chatting with my neighbors. A lot of people came with their good luck charms and superstitions full forth.

It was a fun social experiment but 45 minutes later we turn the corner and I see the entrance but noticed people disappearing into the parking lot behind the entrance. Then a woman who had just bought her ticket walked by and said she waited in line for 5 hours! I was like hell to the no. I was not about to wait another 4 hours. Another 30 maybe since it was fun being a part of people’s hopes and dreams and hearing all the stories of what we would do if we won.

But, I figured I was at that deciding factor. Now or never. Wait a little bit more then I’m too invested and will have to stay the entire night. Leave now and chalk it up to a unique experiment bonding with strangers about my hopes and dreams. My cold hands and grumbling belly voted go now. So, I walked across the street to 7-Eleven and got my tickets in five minutes and headed home.

I’ll be dreaming of swimming in a sea of money a la Scrooge McDuck in Duck Tales tonight. It was worth it just to open the possibilities and share with strangers.


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