Project 365: Day 87 “Seeing the World through New Eyes”


About two years ago I went in to see the eye doctor because I was seeing sparkles in my peripheral vision. The docs diagnosed me with vasculitis, which is inflammation of the blood vessels, which resulted in swelling, blockage and hemmorhaging in my right eye. The next few weeks proved to be challenging as a team of docs worked intricately together against the clock trying to figure out the cause and stop it in its track. Eye drops, pulse steroids, shots in the eye.

We didn’t work fast enough and my vision quickly worsened. At my worst my vision was 20/200 with corrective lenses meaning I could barely make out the big E on the first line of the eye chart. I reluctantly embraced the idea that I was about to completely lose my sense of sight. And even contemplated whether or not I would be able to live in complete darkness when so much of my happiness comes from my seeing and experiencing the world through my eyes.

The docs were able to temporarily stabilize the vasculitis but knew the next course of action needed to be of systemic caliber. This is when they started throwing around the word chemotherapy. So, that June I began a 6-month chemo treatment that ended in December. I was then more stable but still having episodes.

So, I took measures into my own hands. January 2010, with the help of Kris Carr’s book “Crazy, Sexy Diet” I decided to change my lifestyle habits. I embraced eating to heal. I read books on the importance of micronutrients. I began juicing religiously. I slept regularly to get to deep sleep to ensure healing of my cells. I gave up alcohol, meats, junk food and focused on eating a mostly plant-based diet to get all of my micronutrients.

A year later I have never felt better. All of my symptoms were under control or even were in remission entirely. I was able to get off of five different drugs.

But, the best news was today when I went in for a checkup and I was able to see one more line up the eye chart. I went from 20/200 to 20/40. I’m still seeing, no pun intended, improvements. And this keeps me in check with staying on track. I have my off days where I slack, but know I can’t afford to neglect and treat my body like crap.

I am grateful and this is why what I see around me is like a wondrous moment each and every time. Because it is.


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