Project 365: Day 82 “Ninja Smoothie Making Machine”


My old Kitchen Aid blender sputtered its last rotation a couple mornings ago when all I really wanted was a smoothie.

So, off to Target it was to get a new one. Instead of a replacing the Kitchen Aid one I found instead the Ninja. It claims to chop, blend, juice, purée, knead and mix. I was skeptical but was loving the single serving blend in the cup travel cup idea. So, I looked up reviews on Amazon and although there only a few, they were all positive. Based on that I bought it for $79.99 but got a $10 gift card back.

And the jury is out…I love it. It makes my morning smoothie in 1 minute. No mess, no clean-up. I toss in frozen berries, a banana, spinach, kale and some almond milk. Hit the pulse button for 10 seconds, pop off the blade lid and put on the to-go lid and done! Love!


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