Project 365: Day 78 “Healthy Eating for the Soul”


Hungry for micronutrients. On my way to simplifying and leading a healthy lifestyle I decided to get back on the plant-based diet bandwagon. Mostly fruits and veggie based.

A little over a year ago I did my first 21-day vegan juice cleanse. It was all about supplying your cells the micronutrients it needs to fight battles and heal itself from damage. I ate all vegan and drank green juice every day. I regained energy, slept regularly and begin to feel overall healthy. My symptoms began to dissipate and
slowly reverse themselves. I wouldn’t be so preachy about it if I hadn’t seem the results with my own eyes.

I know that it works. It’s common sense. We need building blocks for our cells to maintain our bodies at the most optimal. The building blocks can be made of Cheetos or they can be made of kale. What’s going to yield more bang for your buck? Probably the one that came straight from Mother Earth. So, since the holidays I’ve gotten off track. I decided today to take back healthy eating. Today marks the day that I shy away from anything that has more than 5 ingredients to it. And if I cannot identify it on its own, I will not consume it. I will eat as plant-based as I possibly can and limit any overly processed, sugary, fried, meaty foods. Cheers to healthy eating.


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