Project 365: Day 72 “Hunger Games”


Yes. I’m reading young adult literature. I’ve seen commercials and heard the raves about this book series but I usually stay away from anything too hyped.

My friend just happened to finish the book the day I was over at her place and she offered it up. I said sure why not. And by the time I got home it was already past midnight. But, even so I still read the first 3 chapters in under 30 minutes and could barely put the book down.

I loved reading as a child. I cleared out the school library. Checked out 4-5 books at a time to the point my teacher told my mom to take me to the public library because I read everything in the tiny school library. Twice.

My imagination roamed wild in the stories. It was the one place I held the world at my fingertips. Being a grownup I don’t get the luxury of holing up with a book much anymore. I think the Hunger Games just rekindled my love affair with reading.


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