Project 365: Day 54 “Turtle Racing”

What’s the most random thing you can do on a Thursday night on the Westside ? Turtle racing at Brennan’s of course. Named 12th douchiest bar by Complex, we unknowingly got lured in by the racing turtles. We found ourselves amidst a sea of first-timers like us but who were also from out of town and we all quickly made friends. There’s nothing I love more than chatting with strangers.

We then learned real quickly why it’s on the top 25 douchiest bars list. Of course it’s not really about the turtles racing. Only an excuse to get girls to bend over to put the turtles into the starting bin. And here I was genuinely excited about the turtle part.

One of our new friends rented a turtle, which he named Isabella, so we felt vested to stay at least until it was his turn to see Isabella race.

All in all it was novel to partake in and people watch. We met some cool peeps and still had a good time even if we were at the 12th douchiest bar in LA.


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