Project 365: Day 52 “Snail Mail Makes Me Smile”


There’s something to be said about getting old fashioned hand-written letters in the mail. Everything these days is so quick and fast and digital that we lose the personal touch on correspondence.

When I got home today after a nice, relaxing massage while at KTG and discovering motivation for a new consulting business venture and inspiration for a new writing project I was already on cloud 9.

When I when to get the mail, amongst the bills and credit card offers, I saw a hand-written note tucked in the pile and it put an even bigger smile on my face. I opened it and it was an invitation to my friend J’s daughter’s birthday. Love it!


3 thoughts on “Project 365: Day 52 “Snail Mail Makes Me Smile”

  1. onelifethislife says:

    I miss getting handwritten letters! I had so many pen pals when I was younger and receiving their letters where such great joy! In some ways technology has robbed us of little joys in life; at least for me anyway. Enjoy your “Me Day”!

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