Wanderlust: Joshua Tree, CA “The Integratron”

No, it’s not the bad guy in Transformers. Nor a futuristic dinosaur. How do I explain what it is when I don’t even really know what I had experienced. Except that it was one of the most purely unique experiences that I have ever had. Intrigued?

Most people look at me crazy when I try to describe to them the experience that is the Integratron. It sounds kind of hokey with vortexes, alien landing strips, sound baths that massage the brain, cell rejuvenation of the human body. It’s unique to say the least.

“The Integratron is an acoustically perfect tabernacle and energy machine sited on a powerful geomagnetic vortex in the magical Mojave Desert.” – as stated on their website. Uh huh. What they said.

A small, white dome in the middle of the desert with perfect acoustics housed over a vortex of energy. Not knowing exactly what that meant, the 8 of us paid for a private sound bath session to experience all that is the Integratron. So, we got the tour by the women who currently own and run the place. We took off our shoes and climbed the ladder to the second floor where there were mats for each one of us. We stood in the center of the dome and the weirdest thing happened. Your voice was amplified and magnified in the center but only to yourself. To those around you it still sounded normal.

Then there was the Sound Bath.

Yes, I know that this might look all Heaven’s Gate cult-ish. But, we weren’t wearing purple Nikes or drinking the Kool-Aid. In fact, this is what the sound bath was all about. Everyone lies down, closes their eyes and tries to clear their mind. Then the sound bath begins. Joanne Karl, current owner of the Integratron plays the giant quart bowls and we are lulled into a sleepy meditative state where cell rejuvenation is suppose to occur. Each bowl corresponds to the different chakras of the body. When we got to the brain chakra bowl, oh man, if your brain could get a brain massage, this is how it is done. It was the most surreal, stimulating feeling I have ever felt that I can’t even begin to explain in words except that you must try it for yourself. Whether or not it rejuvenated my cells and healed my body it was a trippy 30-minutes to experience.

We spent the night at Joshua Tree Inn, where musicians of all ages and backgrounds come to find inspiration. Singer/songwriter Gram Parsons of The Byrds died of an overdose in Room 8. Lucky us got Room 9. Right next door to the old haunts of the musician himself. We had a little mishap with the door when we tried to open it after going out to visit the room the other half of our group was staying in. When I went to try to open the door, I unlocked it with a key. Once it was unlocked, I tried pushing the door open which was done a few times earlier in the evening without any effort. It felt as if someone was on the other side pushing against it. I had my brother try and with a little effort he was able to push it open. I walked in and the ceiling fans were spinning slowly. We didn’t turn them on before we had left. Then with a few more spins, they came to a complete stop on their own. Legend has it Parsons likes to pass the time playing practical jokes on Joshua Tree Inn’s guests.

This was the Giant Rock that George Van Tassel used as an airport for extraterrestrials. The rock cracked in half during the turn of the 21st century and revealed shiny granite inside.

Getting to the Giant Rock wasn’t easy. There are no paved roads. And no real directions and cell phone reception is spotty. On the side of the road where the Integratron sign sits, there is a makeshift sign on cardboard and black marker that says, “Giant Rock.” Trust it. The rock is the way the arrow points. Try to map it out on your GPS where you can to get a rough direction guide.

Afterwards, we hiked around the Joshua Tree rocks that looked like giant deer turd, then headed to a hiking trail we had passed on the way. There was promise of water on the trail which ended up being a slight trickling stream. It was a hot day so hiking was laborious. We sought out some hieroglyphs and then turned around.

On the way home, we made a pit stop at the Dinosaurs in Palm Springs just to complete the our random weekend getaway. Then we headed back home back to Earth and reality.

2477 Belfield
Landers, CA 92285
Tel: 760.364.3126


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