Foodspotting: A-Frame (Culver City, CA)

Celebrating a belated birthday dinner, M and I decided to try out a new restaurant that has been on both of our lists, Roy Choi’s A-Frame. We get to the restaurant about 8:30pm and since they don’t take reservations we knew it was going to be at least a 30 minute wait. The place isn’t that big. There were already quite a few people ahead of us and the bar was completely full. The music was pumping loud and playing old school hip hop. It’s a cool, fun vibe and not stuffy at all. Chef Roy was spotted surveying the seating situation and was also seen food running really “leaving pretentious at the door.”

The wait ended up being about 45 minutes and worked up an appetite. We did some research on Yelp while we were waiting and already knew what we were going to order. We got seated at a communal table for 8 and shared the space with two other parties. One party was poking fun at us for taking pictures of our food but by the end of the night we were sharing our favorite restaurants with each other.

First dish to come out was the Cracklin Beer Can Chicken. We ordered the half because we wanted to make sure to leave room for their famous desserts. The fried chicken was served with daikon kimchi, century egg, and roja and verde salsas. Chicken skin was crisp and the meat succulent.  Beer can means they slow cook the chicken with a half full can of beer directly inside of it, which makes the meat tender and the skin crispy. It was delicious.

Second dish to arrive was the Charred Baby Octopus with carrot kochujang puree, bok choy, pickled vegetables and nori seaweed. I thought the sauce was slightly too salty with the octopus. But, with the raw bok choy it was heavenly. I’ve never eaten bok choy raw. I liked the crispness of it.

Third dish to arrive was the Veggie Nest, a potpourri of Jerusalem artichokes, mustard greens, radish turnips, cauliflower, mushrooms, toasted bread crumbs drizzled with spicy carrot vinaigrette and celery root puree. Innovative concoction of veggies and the dressing pulled it all together.

And then there was dessert. The Chu-Don’t-Know Mang, a pound cake churro creation dusted in cinnamon and sugar fried crisp to perfection while still soft cake inside. Served with malted chocolate milk and vanilla ice cream, it was a perfect end to a hands-on, deciphering, creatively assembled meal.

12565 Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, California


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