Project 365: Day 42 “Happy 1st Birthday to my Godson”

20120211-235352.jpgHappy Birthday to my little godson, Semaj, who turns one-years-old today. I feel like it was only yesterday that I held him for the first time at the hospital. Now, he’s ready to walk and take on the world. I cannot wait for him to get a tad bit older so that I can be the cool godmother who takes him to go cool, fun things.

Things to do with Semaj:

1. Roll down the green, grassy hill at the Getty Center

2. Spend all day at the LA County Fair pigging out

3. Visit the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum

4. Read lots of books together

5. Touch the starfish at the aquariums/tide pools.

5. Blow bubbles to make bubble land

This is only the beginning. We have a full, list of things so we better get started soon, little man.


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