Project 365: Day 31 “Screaming for Ice-cream”

20120131-233947.jpgAfter a 12-hour work day without breakfast or lunch, I was famished. I was hungry and cranky and about to become hostile. All I had eaten all day was green juice, an apple, peanut butter and a carrot. Work stress was looming over my head and then I remembered my grocery shopping spree at Sprouts on Sunday, where I had stockpiled 4 pints of frozen novelties. Yes! There is light at the end of the tunnel! Just had to pummel through and get home to my saving grace.

After scarfing down two vegan hot dogs, I opened the fridge and there basking in all its glory were Ciao Bella’s Raspberry and Lemon Zest sorbet, Almond Dream’s Almond Milk Bites and Larry and Luna’s Coconut Bliss organic coconut ice-cream. I had a bite of each one because I couldn’t decide. I may have broken my juice fast that I had barely started but it was all worth it.


6 thoughts on “Project 365: Day 31 “Screaming for Ice-cream”

  1. onelifethislife says:

    I am officially jealous! 🙂 There’s Rasberry Ciao Bella? I have never seen that flavor before. I’m a huge fan of the Tahitian Vanilla and the Blood Orange sorbet. Yum! Nice line-up!

    • izziebleu says:

      Blood orange is my fave too. But the market I went was out probably because I buy two every time I go. So I had to try the raspberry. Love it!

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