Project 365: Day 23 “First Time Snowboarding”


The snow conditions were too perfect to not try snowboarding for the first time while out here in Utah. Being very accident-prone and not very athletic I have always shied away from most sports except for dancing, which btw my instructor claims is not a sport. I especially stay away from any sport requiring to be strapped to any type of equipment that will probably aid in my injury.

I once tripped on my own two feet, while standing still on a basketball court playing defense when the ball and the other players were on the other side of the court, skinning both knees to a bloody pulp. That is how clumsy I am.

In the past year or so with all the life changing medical issues, I’ve learned to go forward without looking back. I have learned a little about fearlessness. Being afraid is self-preservation to a certain extent. But if you don’t live versus just existing then what’s the point of preserving such a mundane existence. And the feeling you get by overcoming that fear makes it all worth it.



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