Project 365: Day 22 “Future Mrs. Krasinski”

I’m in love. And his name is John Krasinski:)

We caught a screening of “Nobody Walks” at the Eccles Theatre today. The entire cast and crew were in the audience. Including John Krasinski himself. There was a Q&A with the actors and crew and I took photos quietly from our seats at the back of the theatre thinking this was my only chance to get proof that I was in the same building as John Krasinski!

As serendipitous luck would have it, we had found a parking spot earlier on the backside of the theatre and had to walk the back way to get to the car. On the way there we passed a crowd where John happened to be standing and taking photographs with a few fans.

I was officially starstruck and turned completely mute.

Luckily, Heidi made it all happened. She pushed me into the crowd and before I knew it I was standing right next to this heavenly creature and she snapped a photo. He was so polite and friendly. Heidi wished him a congrats and he genuinely thanked her and I was still completely still in awe and still mute.

Then we ran away, still giddy and jumped into a snow bank to make snow angels as John Krasinkski’s car drove by.


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