Project 365: Day 16 “The Tradition of Fruit Carving”

Day 16: Hand-carved fruit birthday cake. (Camera: iPhone 4S. App: Camera+)

I promise I won’t post any more birthday cakes as Project 365 photos. But, I had to capture the intricate beauty of this creation. This amazing “cake” is entirely made up of nothing but hand-carved fresh fruit, which is actually a very old Thai tradition that dates back to the 1300s.  It started during the Loi Krathong, which takes place on the evening of the full moon of the 12th month in the traditional Thai Lunar Calendar. During Loi Kratong, rafts are individually decorated using many objects, including banana leaves and flowers and set down a body of water, to wash away the bad of the previous year. Legend has it a young servant, created an masterpiece out of her raft using fruit and impressed the King so much he declared fruit/vegetable carving a new art-form.


3 thoughts on “Project 365: Day 16 “The Tradition of Fruit Carving”

    • izziebleu says:

      Yeah. I love to look at food as pieces of art like the presentation and layers of flavor but this takes food as art to a whole new level!

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