Foodspotting: Leo and Lily (Woodland Hills, CA)

Leo and Lily’s Smoked Salmon Benedict. (Camera: iPhone 4S. App: Camera+)

Today, our Breakfast at Tiffany’s group (another version of Kitchen Table Group) , ventured over the hill and “deep into the valley.” Since most of the group is either based on the Westside or  Hollywood, we usually hold our meetings in LA proper. But, one of our lovely members, P, lives out in Chatsworth so it makes it difficult for her to make it to meetings. So, we decided to trek it out her way and do brunch.

Upon arrival and P’s house, discussion began on where we would be eating. P didn’t want to take us to a chain, IHOP, Denny or Bob’s Big Boy (thank god), which the valley was in abundance of. So, upon the recommendation of her friend we decide on Leo and Lily, a European and Mediterranean Cafe Restaurant in Woodland Hills.

Walking up to Leo and Lily’s, it looks like a quaint cafe in Santa Monica. You would never have guessed it’s situated in the San Fernando Valley aka Porn Valley, amid multi-billion dollar generating porn studios. In other words, it’s adorably charismatic and makes a subtle statement.

Inside bustles with Valley Sunday brunchers. And you know it’s top-notch when it’s the only place for strip mall miles that has valet service.

Us, being a group of foodies, having done our research on the drive there, browsing Yelp for recommendations and reviews, already narrowed down the menu items by the time we are seated. We all decided to start with the iced blackberry jasmine green tea because a lot of the Yelpers raved about it. It was the perfect amount of fruitiness and tea. Very refreshing and because of the fruity  fragrance there was no need to add sugar.

I have a weak spot for Smoked Salmon Benedicts. If it’s on the menu I will have to order it. Leo and Lily’s version had a perfectly poached egg atop smoked salmon, arugula and caramelized onions on an English muffin drizzled with Hollandaise sauce. Served with a side of breakfast potatoes. The Hollendaise sauce is what usually makes or breaks a Benedict for me. Leo and Lily’s was not too overpowering and very complimentary. The size was perfect without being over-filling. I felt comfortably satiated and healthy after finishing the last bite.

Since, I didn’t overfill on the meal I had enough room for dessert. They had French Macarons on the menu for $1.00 a piece. The cheapest I’ve seen it anywhere in LA. We each ordered one. A combination of the honey, lime and salted caramel.

Leo and Lily’s French Macarons. Lime, Honey and Salted Caramel. (Camera: iPhone 4S. App: Camera+)

The Macarons were delicious with perfect crunchy to chewy ratio. The Benedict was fresh and tasty. Even the iced tea was good. The vibe was great and the service warm and welcoming. All in all, if I ever found myself anywhere in the valley I would have to make a pit-stop at Leo and Lily’s.

Leo and Lily
22420 Ventura Blvd
Woodland Hills, CA 91364


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