Project 365: Day 11 “Happy Birthday to Me”

Day 11: Delicious fruit tart cake from Porto’s. (Camera: iPhone 4S. App Camera+)

This one was too easy. I guess I could have gone for the less obvious for my photo of the day but the cake was so beautifully constructed, I couldn’t not take a photo before destroying it. The cake was from Porto’s Bakery, a mom and pop Cuban bakery that has now expanded to three branches across So Cal because of their booming success. Everything from here is mouth-watering delicious. My favorites are the cheese roll, creme brulee, croissants especially the spinach feta one, fruit tarts, apple strudel and the mariquitas (fried plantain chips with this garlic olive oil dip).

The cake was a sweet butter pastry shell filled with custard and a thin layer of sponge cake covered with an assortment of fresh fruits. Best birthday cake ever!


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