Project 365: Day 10 “Kitchen Table Group”

Day 10: Laughing around the kitchen table. (Camera: iPhone 4S)

My kitchen table group girls are the most fascinating, admirable, lovable group of women that I have ever met. We started the group about three years ago based on the book,”This is Not the Life I Ordered.” It’s a collection of stories from women from all different walks of life who have had to overcome some sort of challenging hardship along the way. They started to meet as a group to talk about life in general, set goals and support each other. It all started around a kitchen table and thus the kitchen table group was born.

We adopted the idea and we have been going strong meeting twice a month as a collective every month for the past 3 years. We set goals for ourselves and we celebrate accomplishing them. Sometimes, we don’t meet our goals but we encourage each other to keep going. We mostly socialize at the meetings. We laugh, we joke, we tell stories. We’ve become really great friends in the process. I mean the kind of friends that you’ll have for life. Living in such a big city with so many people it’s so great to have such a close network of amazing women. I heart you Kitchen Table Group ladies!


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