Project 365: Day 7 “Animating Inanimate Objects”

Day 7: Animating inanimate objects. (Camera: iPhone 4S. App: Camera+)

Spending a quiet day catching up on reading, TV and writing as I am still slightly recuperating from the holidays and kicking this yucky respiratory congestion.

Day 6 out of 7 out of the cleanse and I broke down and ate some gummy bears. Eh, they sort of count as fruit. But, the minute I ate them, I had almost immediately wished that I hadn’t. It made me feel not right. Meaning the cleanse probably did its job at resetting my palate. All in all, the 7-day juice cleanse (modified DIY version of the Blueprint Cleanse) was a success. My cravings for sugar, processed, high-fat, fried foods sated. By immersing my body with an abundance of micro-nutrients to heal itself, it naturally begins to crave fresh fruit and vegetables over nutrition-deficient junk food. I even lost 7lbs in the process. But, the best part is the surge of natural energy and the mental clarity that you will get.

I will be doing the 7-day juice cleanse at the beginning of every month just to keep my mind and body in check.

Steps of My Juice Cleanse

Preparation: A few days before, begin to phase coffee, sugar, meat and dairy. Begin eating a plant-based diet and adding fresh fruit and vegetables to every meal.

Day 1, 2, 3: Drink nothing but freshly juiced DIY green juice, water and/or herbal tea. You can drink as much as you want all day but make sure to not drink the juice at least two hours before bed. It can give you whacked out dreams.

Day 4: Incorporate eating fruit with freshly juiced green juice.

Day 5: Incorporate eating veggies/salads with freshly juiced green juice.

Day 6: Incorporate salads plus grains/legumes with freshly juiced green juice.

Day 7: Incorporate, if needed, lightly poached/steamed fish with veggies/salads.

After day 7, resume regularly eating, which should still incorporate fresh fruit and veggies at every meal.

Happy juicing!

2 thoughts on “Project 365: Day 7 “Animating Inanimate Objects”

    • izziebleu says:

      Thanks Rogue Woman! Bummed we didn’t get to chat either. We can remedy that really easily though=) Maybe we can grab dinner or brunch of these days!

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