Project 365: Day 5 “The World at my Fingertips”


Day 5: Collection of miniature snow-globes of my travels around the world. (Camera: iPhone 4S. App: Camera+)

I started my collection of miniature snow-globes after my first trip to Europe in 2007. I was backpacking through 6 countries and wanted something small to remind me of each of the places that I had visited. And these just happened to be in every souvenir shop in every country so it made it all the easier to start collecting. My last trip this past October took me to Germany, Austria and Czech Republic. (Another future post I have to write.) It was unbelievably amazing. There was so much history and culture in every nook and cranny. It was like my history textbook came to life!

I currently have 29 snow-globes and hope to be expanding my collection every year of my life. Traveling is what I do best. I feel most alive when I’m out of my element and out of my comfort zone. When I feel challenged is when I am reminded that I am living and not just existing. Cheers to adventure!


2 thoughts on “Project 365: Day 5 “The World at my Fingertips”

  1. Janice says:

    Snowglobes – what a great item to collect! I collect shot glasses from every city that I visit and I proudly display them on top of my bookcase (although the cats sometimes knock them down). It’s amazing how simple items like snowglobes and shot glasses help us remember certain trips; it’s like each item has a story behind it. I wonder where your next snowglobe will be from 😉

    • izziebleu says:

      Thanks Janice! I want to see your collection! I hope my next snow-globe will be from Africa somewhere. Since, that’s the only continent, well and Antarctica, that I have yet to visit!

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