Project 365: Day 4 “Puppy Love”


Day 4: Hannah, boss' boxer visiting the office, taking a nap under her desk (Camera: iPhone 4S. App: Camera+).

My boss had to sneak in her 7-month old boxer, Hannah, into the office today. She hid her under a blanket and while she was coming up the elevators, Hannah began to squirm and whimper. The other women in the elevator cooed and commented that her baby was waking up. Then, as if on cue, Hannah reared her head out of the blankets and threw the women off guard. Haha.

I was watching her for a minute while my boss stepped into a meeting. Hannah, who was asleep on the carpet under the desk, sensed I was near, got up sleepily and walked right into my lap where she stayed for the next 30 minutes. She’s a snuggle puppy. Bringing puppy love to the office. Love.


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