Project 365: Day 1 “Floating Sky Lanterns”

Day 1: Lighting paper sky lanterns to ring in the new year. (Camera: S95)

Happy New 2012! Perfect day to start Project 365, a photo project that I am undertaking to capture a moment each day for one whole year. So, here goes nothing.

In 2001, I was in Northern Thailand celebrating New Year’s in Chiang Mai. While getting ready to countdown, white paper sky lanterns, like the one seen here, were handed out to everyone. My brother and I tried to light one but set the whole thing on fire. When we finally stopped our commotion and put out our blaze of fire we looked up to one of the most surreal, ethereal images of a thousand white, glowing lanterns floating into the air as seen in this video taken by travel bloggers of last year’s festivities. It was so magical. Also made popular in the latest Disney movie, “Tangled.”

It is considered good luck to release a sky lantern. Many Thais believe they are symbolic of floating away worries and problems of past years.

So, I had to try to recreate it with my own paper sky lanterns I ordered off of Amazon. Even if it was on a much smaller scale. And this is what I captured on video.


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