Beauty Junkie: Parisut Coconut Oil

Shhhhh. Don’t tell anyone but I’m about to reveal to you that I’m a closet beauty product whore. But only because this is my first foray into product reviews.

I have always LOVED trying new products. I open new bottles/jars before I finish the old ones. My sister “hates” this about me. Love you thi! I buy things in large shipments at a time. I am one of Sephora’s VIB Insiders because I spend the annual minimum requirement of $350. But, since I have been moving towards living more simply and organically when it comes to food and the things I put IN my body. I thought, why not with the products I put I ON my body.

I have chronically dry skin. My ancestors hail from tropical regions of high humidity. The word lotion and scaly aren’t in their vocabularies. Because of the dry California weather I grew up in, I fight a battle every day trying to quench the thirst of my parched skin. In the pursuit of hydrated skin I know no bounds.

Last January, my parents came back from Thailand with four 1,000ml bottles of organic, cold-pressed, 100% Parisut Coconut Oil. No, those aren’t their hands. Just an ad I found online because my bottle has seen better days.

Parisut Coconut Oil

Because coconut oil solidifies below 76F degrees, is why my bottle also doesn’t look like that. My bottle solidified to an opaque white and was as hard as a rock. My parents said it was a gift from my aunt who swears by the stuff. There were nutritional facts on the bottle so I was confused as what I was supposed to do with it. Eat it or use it as a moisturizer? The ‘rents confirmed it was for the skin but could be eaten as well. Skeptical, as I didn’t think the “I just patted myself down with fried chicken” look quite works for me, but it was 100% organic. Why not?

It’s heaven! I’ve found what I’ve been looking for! There’s no distinct coconut smell and it absorbs within contact. I can use it on my face and body and no breakouts. In fact, I believe it’s helped keep my stubborn hormonal acne at bay. There’s no residue or greasiness. And best of all…no need to reapply! I use it after I shower or wash my face and it keeps my hydrated until I rinse it off in the shower. Best used right after a hot shower. In fact keep the bottle in the bathroom so that the steam can help soften the hardened oil. Otherwise, you’ll have to run the bottle under hot water to liquefy it. I melted mine and put it in a jar for easier access. I just scoop out with my fingertip what I need and it melts almost immediately onto the skin.

My skin is soft and finally hydrated and the product obsession has been sated…for now;)


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