Wanderlust: Los Angeles “Jet Rag’s $1 Sunday Yard Sale”

I have lived in Los Angeles proper for about about 6 years now and I am in awe that there is still so much left to discover. Case in point, Jet Rag’s $1 Sunday Yard Sale. For a year or two when I lived in WeHo, I would drive down La Brea on Sunday mornings and see this massive crowd swarming piles of clothing on the floor of the parking lot. Growing up my mom never let me go thrift store shopping. She believed that no amount of washing could get out people’s “goodies”, i.e. pit stains and whatnot.

As a result, I never understood the appeal of second-hand clothing. It wasn’t until college where I discovered that idea of vintage was all about individualism, creativity and art versus looking like a safe cardboard cutout from GAP or a mass-produced anti-conformist conformist from Hot Topics. Today, I like to think of vintage shopping as treasure hunting, finding unique pieces to mix and match with the GAP staples to make it my own.

Jet Rag’s $1 yard sale is a Sunday staple of young, hipster Angelenos in search of vintage wares, recycled fabrics, and costume inspirations. Did I mention that everything is only $1? But, come prepared to work and maybe even brawl because everyone will put up a good fight for the best pieces.

Every Sunday, starting at the 9am, clothes are literally dumped into 4 long piles in Jet Rag’s parking lot. These piles are usually leftover from the previous week’s sale. The pot of gold lies in the plastic wrapped bundles that devoted loyalists have already staked out and claimed first dibs on by sitting right on top of them. The bundles are cut at specific times several times a day. I had gotten there around 9:30am so I had missed the first bundle cutting. Though I was going to make sure that I stuck around for the second one happening at 10:45am just to be a part of the pandemonium.

Watch the video as hordes of Angelenos frenzy sweep the parking lot of Jet Rag clean.

I walked away with three items costing me a whopping $3. One of the dresses was a muumuu big enough to fit two of me inside. But, I was loving the floral and lace pattern so much so that I was inspired to even take up sewing just so I can make my own dress out of the material. The other dress was a 50s inspired collared, button down green polka-dotted dress and the last item was a pair of medical scrubs just in case if I decide to go as a manic med student who kills her patients for Halloween.

The Jet Rag $1.00 sale happens every Sunday, rain or shine, 9am to about 5pm.

Jet Rag
825 N La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038-3340
Phone: (323) 939-0528

Cost: All items in parking lot are $1.00. They request exact change in the mornings.

Note: Metered street parking on La Brea is free on Sundays till 11am. Make sure to feed the meter after 11am because they will start to ticket.

Happy Treasure Hunting!


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