Wanderlust: Providence, RI “Discovering Providence”

Utilizing the company mandated spring holiday on Friday, I decided that I would add on an additional  vacation day to spend the long weekend on the East Coast visiting my friend Nora, who currently is a culinary school student at Johnson and Wales in Providence, Rhode Island.

Knowing that Nora is a fellow lover of food, I knew what this trip was going to mostly be based around. And that I would probably go home 10lbs heavier than when I came.  So, I decided that I would put my non-dairy, mostly veggie, healthy diet on hold and “cheat” for the weekend.  I mean, after all, when in Rome…

I take the red-eye from LA to Boston and get in at 5:20am.  Bless Nora’s heart to get up in the pitch black pre-morning dawn to come get me all the way from Providence.  The flight coming in was a little windy so I felt the nausea creeping up during preparation for landing.  Initially we were going to take Boston by storm right after my pick-up, i.e. pit stop at Mike’s pastry for cannolis, Newbury Street for untaxed shopping and Harvard Square for preppie boys scoping.  But, I wasn’t feeling so good and thought a nap and shower would do me some good so we head back to Providence to Nora’s apartment.

Newport mansions Cliff Walk

Nora’s apartment is a newly refurbished old mill transformed into loft-type accommodations for the younger crowd looking for a unique living space.  Her loft was nicely-sized with high ceilings and mill windows that let in a lot of natural daylight.  A few moments after I get to her apartment I pass out on her fluffy rugged living room floor cuddling her space heater for warmth.

A few hours later post nap and shower I still feel a little groggy but re-energized enough to go explore Rhode Island.  I first thing I learn is that it doesn’t take long to get anywhere in the state and that the entire state population is about 1 million.  I think LA alone is about 12 million.

The Duck and Bunny Snuggery is “a cozy and comfortable place…a place where you will remember to forget….(huh?)” as printed on their menu.  From the outside, it is an unassuming residential clapboard house on Wickenden, but once through the narrow front door you enter the house to an Anna Sui inspired dining rooms serving gourmet crepes, random eclectic fare, tea time and cupcakes.

Inside Duck and Bunny

Nora ordered The Tiny Evans which is an egg cup with mushrooms, shallots, tarragon, topped with baked egg, gruyere and cream. I ordered the The Dougie Boy which is smoked salmon purses, capers, dill, green onion and creame fraiche in an herb crepe. We split the Truffled Pomme Frites, handcut potatoes, crisped, topped with Naragansett creamery’s Atwell’s Gold and drizzled with white truffle oil, salt and pepper. Delish. I topped off the meal with a Coconut Truffle Black Tea.

The Dougie and Truffled Pomme Frites

Cold Fusion Gelato in Newport is handmade artisan gelato family owned and operated by the Kopfer family. The gelato is handmade fresh every day using all-natural ingredients. I was in a fruity mood and went with the raspberry and lemon sorbet. Perfect amount of sweet and tart for a refreshing thirst quench and nice afternoon sugar pick-me-up.

Raspberry and lemon sorbet

Pastiche Fine Desserts Café on Spruce in Providence is full of decadent desserts. We took home a slice of the fresh fruit tart, fresh lime mousse tart and banana cream tart. The fresh fruit tart was not overly sugary. The lime mousse tart was refreshing and the banana cream was like eating air, a good balance of cream and vanilla custard.

Pastiche goodness

I think I just ate my way through Rhode Island.


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