Crying stomach

I had to investigate a specialty pharmacy for the Lupron shot because it was self-injecting.  At first my insurance denied authorization so it was going to cost me $500 or something for every month that I am on Cytoxan to shut down my ovaries and in theory protect them from the chemotherapy.  It’s proving to be difficult to get this shot so a part of me is taking it as fate.  It just wasn’t meant to be.  

I’ve never been so hyper-aware of all the changes in my body.  I could be bed-ridden with the flu and still think I was fine.  These days I know my body head to toe.  Today I had slight stomach pain probably caused from the steroids, which can thin the lining of my stomach.  I kept imagining a rupture and all the food that I had just eaten being let loose into my body.


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