Searching for miracles in Chinese herbs

My dad’s friend at work had given him the name of a Chinese Herbal doctor/acupuncturist that he claimed has been known to cure lupus before.  I don’t know about curing but I was curious enough to further investigate.  As if the diagnosis hadn’t already eaten up enough of my waking free hours.  I did some more research online and found a study that showed Chinese herbal supplements to a chemotherapy treatment regiment showed better lab results when taken in conjunction.  TREATMENT OF SYSTEMIC LUPUS ERYTHEMATOSIS (SLE) 
WITH CHINESE HERBS.  I was hopeful for any miraculous cure to rid of this thing for good that I was willing to try anything at this point.  

I told my sister about my latest and greatest plan and she enlisted the aid of her Chinese speaking friends on deciphering the recipe needed.  We made plans to head to the herbal shop her friend had recommended with recipe in hand.

When we get there they didn’t have half the ingredients we were looking for.  The guy behind the counter told our Chinese speaking friend that we would have to see the doctor to get the right diagnosis in order to know what herbs to take.  So, I recalled the doc my dad’s friend had mentioned and then scheduled an appointment with Dr. Zhang.


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