Strangers Passing Come Full Circle = Fate?

Dr. Ken at 3:00pm
Thought a little bit more of the Marie Claire story proposal.  Need to flush out the purpose and build awareness around such an unknown disease that affects so many people.  

I slept well last night.  For the first time in awhile after I broke the tension build-up I was able to just sleep without any anxiety for once in a very long time.  Today I heard a story about how a couple discovered, while looking at each other’s childhood photos, that on a trip to Disneyland, the other was in the background walking by as the photo was snapped.  They didn’t meet till decades later and then just recently got married.  But, what are the odds.  Makes you wonder about the grand scheme of things and the plans that have already been carved out for us.  And all these obstacles that are put in front of us are put there for a reason.  Whatever that reason is in my case, it better be a good one because it’s kind of kicking my ass right now and I’m actually getting kind of exhausted.  I have discussions with my guardian angel, Harael, out loud in my car rides home about how I’m not really sure how much more of these “obstacles” I can handle.  And if it was some sort of test I sure hope I’m almost close to passing.  

Today I had my follow-up appointment with Dr. Ken for an adjustment and my first massage therapy session with my therapist, who had hands that melted my muscles like butter.  He did some amazing knot releasing magic and I was already looking forward to my next session.  And it didn’t hurt that he looked like a better version of Brian Austin Green and had a Scottish/Italian accent.  Though I have to admit I was so distracted with his technique I sort of forgot that I was half naked in front of this super hot guy, which is probably a good thing;)

I had no aches, no headaches and a good energy level.  Today was a good day.


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