Homestyle Crab Lobster Bake

Last night Dad went out and bought 5 Dungeness crabs and 1 huge lobster from the 99 Ranch Market because he heard that that’s what I wanted to eat.  So not typical of my Buddhist-practicing father who doesn’t believe in killing animals in an inhumane way such as boiling crustaceans alive just for our consumption.  Though lately he has been very keen on trying to do whatever it is to make me happy.  I know it’s his way of helping in a situation he has no control over of.  He can’t make me better himself but he can keep me happy while I try to get better.  It’s these little things that make me realize that it’s all worth the fight.  And even though sometimes I feel alone, all I need to do is open my eyes and see all the love and support that surrounds me by people who only want to see me get better.

Homestyle Crab Lobster Bake

Dr. Amersi 2:30pm

Since the oncologist, Dr. Cohen, was out of town Dr. Solsky called to talk to Dr. Amersi who was filling in for Dr. Cohen and had me schedule an appointment with her to discuss the results of my CT scan and to schedule my lymph node biopsy.  She took a look at my scans, which still showed adenopathy, and did a physical examination to find my still enlarged lymph nodes.  She walked me through what the lymph node biopsy procedure would entail.  We then scheduled the surgery for Thursday.  I was supposed to fly out to NYC on Friday so not knowing what state I would be in after surgery I called Midwest Airlines and cancelled my flight.  Luckily, it was a free voucher, for when they lost my luggage when I flew with them to DC and all I needed to do was call them back to book a new flight when I was ready.

Later that night my cousin Shaun delivered food to me from the restaurant he works at.  Everyone around me is being so helpful and thoughtful.  I don’t know what to do with all this love and support.  It definitely gives me strength.


3 thoughts on “Homestyle Crab Lobster Bake

    • cathy says:

      yup, a lot of great things did come out, like you find out who your true friends are and see how your family stick through with you, no matter what. =)

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