Executive ER: Pulse Steroid Treatment #2

I slept okay last night.  I have this weird sense of ill-being, like very high tension in my neck and shoulder areas.  I’m probably am anxious because of the side effects of the  treatment and feel a little strung out as if my body was not at peace.  It’s basically waging a war against itself and I have no control over it.

Executive ER at 9am
Second treatment goes the same as the first.  But, this time my roommate A came with me for support.  She read to me from her sustainability book and I was distracted.  We were done in no time.  But, this time I had asked the nurse to remove the needle since I wasn’t going to come back for the third treatment until Monday and didn’t want to walk around all day Sunday with a needle sticking out of my arm.  Yesterday, while trying to unbuckle my seat belt I hit my arm and it hurt like a motherbeeper.  So, I had it taken out.

I want to create a creative space in my room that is conducive to my writing and my thought flowing.

A and I went to see Jeremy Messersmith somewhere in Echo Park.  We were 2 of about 8 fans that showed up.  Jeremy’s a musician based in Minneapolis where A used to live.  Apparently he’s huge back there.  I enjoyed his music.  I was a little ADD because of the steroids, so I was distracted and can’t give a better opinion other than I liked it.   But,  it was a much needed distraction against anything else.


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