No longer the invincible girl

The Revlon Run/Walk for Cancer started at 8am.  It was a 5K quick jaunt around USC in Downtown LA.  A couple of my coworkers were walking as well so we carpooled to the Coliseum.  It was a very hot morning and I think I overdid it by being in the sun for too long.  My vision seemed to have gotten shades darker and instead of a few spots speckling my sight, it seemed inversed and there were now only a few spots of clarity between large areas of haziness and darkened hues.

Revlon Run/Walk 2010

After the race, we stopped at Philippe’s for the original French dip.  In 1951, Philippe Mathieu told a Los Angeles Times reporter, “One day a customer saw some gravy in the bottom of a large pan of roast meat. He asked me if I would mind dipping one side of the French roll in that gravy. I did, and right away five or six others wanted the same.”

And thus, the French dip was born.

Philippe's - Los Angeles, CA

Later, that evening we had also planned Karisa’s birthday extravaganza for tonight.  We started off bowling at Lucky Strike’s in Hollywood and then continued with a Hollywood Club crawl.  Needless to say, it was a long day and I was exhausted by the time we shut down the clubs past 2am.  I didn’t drink at all.  In fact, I haven’t had alcohol since February at the 80s prom where I got sick off of one drink.  But, my main purpose was to not put additional stress on my organs while I am taking medication.  But, all in all I don’t really ever need alcohol to have fun so it was an easy excuse to start using to skip on the booze.  I didn’t know what was going on in my body so one less toxin I was putting inside of it made me feel slightly better.

I am not the invincible girl anymore.  What I do to my body will have repercussions.  Now, it’s all about weighing the risks versus the benefits.  When did I become an adult?  Oh, when my body started attacking itself in response to my lack of attention.  Well, body you’ve got my attention….I’m listening now.


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