Food Distraction: Baby Blues BBQ

I had dinner with a friend at Baby Blues BBQ in Venice.  We talked about our wants in life and whether or not we were headed in the right direction, a very inspiring conversation while eating with our hands.  I am still finding eating meat a novelty so I ordered the 3-meat platter.  I chose baby back ribs, a quarter leg of chicken and BBQ tiger prawns with the coleslaw and bleu cheese corn on the cob as my sides.

Baby Blues, Venice, CA

After a full belly and good talk, I realized I wanted to write out a mission statement for my life.  I wanted to create a list of my life’s goals.  I wanted to start a blog that I could share with people.  About focusing on making it a point to live and not just survive.  I wanted to contribute my part and leave my “mark” in the world.  I wasn’t going to cure cancer but I could share my innermost thoughts with strangers in hopes that it would spark conversation and thought in their own heads.  I didn’t know where else my talents lay.  All I knew was that I had a lot of things to say out loud and I was just going to start saying them.   Even if it’s just sharing the menu at a local favorite BBQ restaurant.


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