Cedars-Sinai Cancer Center Check-in

Checked-in at the Cedars-Sinai Cancer Center at 4:30pm to see Dr. Cohen, the surgical oncologist who was to examine my lymph nodes and CT scan to see if I needed a lymph node biopsy.

They had to give me a hospital bracelet at check-in.  I waited in the waiting room and saw cancer patients of all ages, races, and sexes in different phases of their diseases.  Newly diagnosed, battling, recovering.  It made me feel so not alone in my journey.

Dr. Cohen examined me and asked about my medical history.  He said he felt the lymph nodes, but that they were kind of hard to find, and thought we should do an ultrasound before we move forward with the biopsy.  I suggested we do another CT scan since it had been awhile and since my last blood tests were returning back to normal I thought maybe my lymph nodes might have as well.

He said he wanted to get a hold of my CT scans first and then get back to me.

On a side note, my chest pain I had earlier this week has subsided.  Maybe it was the pure oxygen I got during the endoscopy/colonoscopy.


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