Making friends with the Porcelain God

Because of the high I got off of the Pure Barre class, I decided to go back to the gym.  I packed my gym bag and made a pact with my carpooler to motivate each other to go to the gym on the days we carpooled, which was at least 3 times a week.  Last night, I went to the gym and jogged for 25 minutes and stretched for another 20 minutes.  I was feeling good and wanted to get back to running 5-6 miles back in August when I was training for the half-marathon.

I may have overdone it though with Disneyland, Pure Barre, and gym back to back.  I woke up this morning with chest tightness accompanied by sharp pains every time I took a breath.  I had similar pains when I had the flu in March.  And when I was traveling in November when I went to Australia and back in August when I was in Peru.  Not sure if there’s a correlation to air travel and the chest pains yet.  Still observing the phenomenon.

I’m soooo hungry.  I had to stop eating solid foods since midnight last night for the procedures tomorrow.  All I’ve had to eat all day is liquids, mostly chicken stock and apple juice.  Tonight I started the Moviprep, a prescription medicine used to clean the bowels before a colonoscopy.  It tasted so gross.  I almost puked every time I took a sip.  And I had to drink 2-liters of the stuff plus another liter of apple juice.  Then it was time to make friends with the porcelain god.  Thank goodness I didn’t try to start this while at work.  All that liquid I drank earlier had to come out somehow.  And boy did it come out.

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