The Happiest Place on Earth of 6 Billion People!

Angela and I participated in the Give a Day, Get a Day Disneyland promotion, which entailed volunteering with a participating organization and getting a free one-day admission ticket to a Disneyland park of your choice.  So, with our FREE ticket in hand, cuz who in their right mind would shell out the normal admission of $76, we made the trip out to Anaheim for the day.

I am a complete kid at Disneyland.  I lose myself in the extrasensory stimuli and just take in all the excitement a fun-filled day at the park offers.  My favorite things at Disneyland: churros, pineapple Dole whip, and the clam chowder bread bowl among other things.  Oh, and the rides of course!  Space Mountain, Astroblasters, Indiana Jones…

Photo by: A. Kim

We met a man randomly while in line for turkey legs and roasted corn.  He is a documentary filmmaker, and somehow we ended up having a chat while we finished our legs and corn.  He was chaperoning his daughter who was at the age where it wasn’t cool to have dad tagging along.  So, he disappeared for her sake and ran into us.  He was telling us about his film and art projects and he brought up a project called, that had inspired another project he was currently working on.

‘’Every single person has got something interesting to say and every single person has a right to say it’’ is an underlying theme of Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s ambitious project ‘’6 Billion Others’’ which comprises over 5,000 interviews with people from all walks of life in some 75 countries.

This is how I want to aim to live the rest of my life.  As if every person I meet has something important to share just like this man shared this with me.  We live such small, fishbowl lives in this great big vast ocean and it might seem lofty but I want to meet all the different kinds of fish in the sea.  I might not get to every corner of the world but I can meet someone who’s been somewhere or done something that I have yet to see or do.  And hence a connection can be made.

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