Newfound, Uncontrollable Energy

I have been taking the steroids for a little over a week.  My trip to Belize was enjoyable because of the drugs.  I was able to walk around and eat with absolutely no pain.  I still felt a little off.  But, a lot of my symptoms were beginning to fade away.  My voice, which was previously hoarse and raspy because my larynx was probably affected from the inflammation, was back to normal and I could sing in the car and shower again.  I missed being able to sing loudly in the car!  My skin had cleared up when I was in Belize.  The pimples on my cheeks and chin went away.  The rash I had developed on my back disappeared.  Yeah, gross I know.  Never had to deal with acne a day in my life and just now it starts?  WTF.  I’m too old for acne.  My skin wasn’t chronically dry anymore and didn’t require loads and loads of dry skin moisturizing.  My hands and feet were no longer swollen.  I could fit into my shoes again.  My hands and wrist didn’t hurt when I typed.  And I had energy to spare straight into the middle of the night.  Before the prednisone, I was sleeping 11 hours and still waking up tired.  Now, I was going to bed at 1am and waking up like clockwork by 6:45am.  I was pain free.  I didn’t walk hunched over or at a turtle’s pace anymore.  In fact, I was zipping around now and talking a million miles a minute.  I had read that a lot of people refused to go on prednisone because of the side effects but it was making me feel soooo much better that I said I’d be okay with the excessive weight gain, nervousness/restlessness, indigestion, mood changes, sweating, vertigo and insomnia.


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