Injecting Vegetable Dye into my Veins

I worked a half day from home and Angela drove me to North Hollywood to see Dr. Hopkins.  Dr. Hopkins dilated my eyes, listened to my medical history and ordered up some tests, a scan of my eye that measures the level of inflammation and an angiogram that requires a yellow dye to be injected into my veins before photos are taken of my eye to evaluate the blood vessels in my retina.  She confirmed Dr. Stoll’s diagnosis and gave me some anti-inflammatory eye drops to start while we figure out how we were going to approach this systemically while she asked around for the opinions of a few other opthamologists.  At the time, the idea was to start me on methotrexate.  But, Dr. Solsky was also still conversing with a group of other doctors to see what the next steps needed to be as the results of tests started to come back in.

In the meantime, Dr. Solsky started me on 60mg of prednisone, a corticosterioid, to help with the inflammation.  Since it was late in the evening she said to take 20mg that night and begin to take 60mg the next morning.

Hopefully, it will work it’s magic while I sleep.


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