Poked and Prodded and Putting Cameras Where They Don’t Belong

Today I had an appointment with Dr. Campion, who specializes in electro diagnostic medicine, to get a nerve conduction test. “In the EDX examination pins are used to pick up the electrical signals from the muscles. Just as an electrocardiogram (EKG) of the heart gives information about the heart, the electromyogram (EMG) gives information about the muscles and more importantly, the nerves.”

I had to lie on my side as Dr. Campion poked me with pins that sent electric shocks through my muscles.  The shocks themselves didn’t hurt much but him stabbing me with some of those pins hurt enough for me to wince and get teary-eyed.  The entire procedure lasted not more than 30 minutes.  Dr. Campion said he would send the results to my rheumatologist.

After that appointment, I had another one with Dr. Tieng, a gastroenterologist over at the Tower Digestive Medical Group to investigate my anemia.  I was lacking healthy red blood cells and we didn’t know why.  All I knew was that I was fatigued, losing weight rapidly, looking a little pale, and had a high sensitivity to cold in addition to the muscle and joint pain and swelling occurring all over my entire body.  I met with Dr. Tieng and she questioned me about my medical history.  She looked over my blood tests that Dr. Solsky sent over and went over what the endoscopy and colonoscopy procedures would entail.  Basically, they would stick a camera down my throat and up my butt to examine me internally to make sure there was no cancer of the sort that was attributing to my anemia.  Hopefully, they weren’t using the same camera or at least doing the endoscopy before the colonoscopy.  I would be under anesthesia and according to Dr. Tieng, I would countdown backwards, go to sleep, and wake up to find the procedure over with before I could even finish counting.

I was flying out to Belize that Friday so I scheduled the procedures for when I got back from my holiday.  Frankly, there didn’t seem to be a rush so I wasn’t going to try to cram in such an unpleasant procedure right before my vacation.

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