Plus One

This past weekend my company threw a New Year Kickoff party for all of the employees.  The party was in Norcal and they were generous enough to fly each employee plus a guest up there and even put us up for the night at a fancy luxury hotel.  A free flight/hotel room for you and  guest and yours truly couldn’t even come up with one person I wanted to invite as my date.  So instead, I RSVP sans guest and figure I’d deal with it later knowing full well that I’d probably be in the awkward minority.  But, I wasn’t going going to do it quietly.  My goal was to make anyone in a committed relationship of any capacity envious of singledom.  Or at least in my alternate reality that occurs only in my head.

Being single isn’t a disease.  It’s a lifestyle.  It’s not a pity party.  So, a handful of us in the LA office decided to make a statement by showing up stag.  Yeah, uh huh.  We got it.

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