Update on Vomit Guy

Disclaimer: This is all in retrospect because shortly after my last email right after the drunken text a very good guy friend pleaded with me to delete M from my phone and Facebook as preventative measures.  Which I readily complied with because I was metaphorically done and mortifably embarrassed.  Just revisiting in order to document it.  But, just to be clear…I’ve let it go.

About two weeks after our third date and having not heard from him, his FB status changed to In A Relationship.  At first, I was upset because my thoughts naturally went to the stupidity I felt for falling for such a generic cliche and then it progressed to the feeling of being used.  And all I could do was call him an asshole and be thankful for trusting my gut for knowing that he was too good to be true.  But, then that all dissipated and I was more sad that I had lost.

Pick me.  Choose me.  Love me.

I am rarely super attracted to people and I was super attracted to him almost instantaneously.  If I had only done this or not do that ran through my head as much as I know how insecure that was of me.  Anyways, that thought progression then lead to a reality that was a far cry from holding a radio over declaring my love outside a bedroom window.   The reality is that he was probably just a man on a mission.  Pretty much like I am.  Looking for that Person Right.  And she must have been right.  And I was almost right but not quite.  And that was it.  Nothing more or nothing less than what just simply is.  Wow.  I’m surprising myself at how mature I am becoming about this whole love thing.

Well, except for the fact I’ve forever nicknamed him Vomit Guy.


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