A Work in Progress

Just to clarify…I’m okay with all that happened M dude.  I’m not a big puddle of a mess or anything of the sort.  It was 3 dates – granted they were 3 great dates and I was definitely smitten but not head over heels.  I barely knew the dude.  There really wasn’t anything to get over except me having to get the last, last, very last word in.  What can I do, that’s just the way I’m programmed.  I seek answers to the unknown.  It’s my curiosity that gets the best of me sometimes.

I’m just a passionate person who loves quickly, not like love-love, but just appreciates life for that moment and that sometimes scares people.  But, on the flip side that same passion allows me to turn that love and appreciation quickly into hate and resentment.

I’m working on it.  A work in progress.  But, I’m not apologetic for it.


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