Text from Last Night

Take away my phone.  Please.  I should not be allowed to communicate with anyone when inebriated.  Yes, I am officially guilty of one those drunk texts worthy of http://www.textsfromlastnight.com/ .

Last night I went to sushi and drinks with friends and for the reason of being a freak of nature and getting drunk off of one Corona I decided to drunk text a particular person who has been incommunicado with me.  I don’t know what came over me but I had this dire urge to call him out right then and there.  Really more so to make contact so that he would just respond, good or bad.  All because I just really despise being ignored.

Oh boy.

At the risk of being THAT girl I’m gonna say I really liked you.  And maybe all of your dates go that well but mine never go that well.  And maybe you just played me.  But can you just let me know that.  So I can have my closure.  A girl needs her closure.  So I can call you an asshole and stop thinking about you.  Please.  I’m drunk.  I hate boys.

Of course no response.  Why would I do that?  Now, I am doubly retarded for sending a text after no response to an email after no followup to a date.  I sent two communications that went un-reciprocated   Now, I am the loser.  Ugh.


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