Wanderlust: San Francisco, CA “I Heart SF”

After a rough couple of weeks I randomly bought a ticket to come up to SF to see my good friend from elementary school and her husband in their new place. They were having a housewarming and I thought what better reason. I missed my 7:25am flight because I got to the airport at 7am and still needed to park and shuttle it from Lot C. The security line was minuscule and I was pretty sure I was going to make it. I’m used to being the last person to board the plane so it was no big deal. But, going through security I realized I didn’t know my gate number. So, it took me a few minutes to find a schedule board and start walking in that direction. I got to the gate and they had just barely shut the doors. The gate attendant said it was too late and that I had to go to the service desk to rebook my ticket. The available flight out was 9:45 with 16 open seats so attendant behind the desk said she’d put me on stand-by so I wouldn’t get charged. I had two hours to kill. I sat for a little bit, when to get some breakfast and decided to write and people watch.

They picked me up from the airport and we ran some errands to get ready for the party. Then we had some major food preparation to do. I ended up chopping watermelon for the arugula salad and making the hamburger patties for the grill. Someone brought these amazing French Macarons from La Boulange Bakery. Amazing. We went to a party after the housewarming party, met a ex-pro football player who was going to cooking school and then to a bar in Haight Ashbury. Today we went to a nursery and bought a rubber plant for the place (makes me want greens in my new place),shopped at the Alemany flea market, ate brunch at Kate’s Kitchen where I had the organic strawberries and bananas French toast. Their new couch got delivered. There home is becoming a home. People in SF are way more interesting than people in LA. LA is so predictable. Same conversations. And it always reverts back to them. I can’t wait to move into my new place and redecorate. I want plants, to grow herbs, paint more, buy a keyboard and learn piano, streamline the clutter, get rid of junk, simplify, simplify, simplify.


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